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Terms and Conditions for Refer-a-Friend

The refer-a-friend scheme operates only for orders placed with PriceMaurice Limited for website development and bespoke programming.

A cheque will only be issued to the referrer on completion of the work and payment has been received in full from the referree.

PriceMaurice Limited is under no obligation to credit a referrer should no order be placed.

PriceMaurice Limited is under no obligation to credit a referrer if PriceMaurice Limited is already in discussions with a client who is subsequently referred through the scheme.

All decisions associated with the refer-a-friend scheme are at the discretion of PriceMaurice Limited and we reserve the right to cancel any referrer claims associated with the scheme without notice or explanation.

We reserve the right to amend or cancel the refer-a-friend scheme without notice.

By taking part in the refer-a-friend scheme you understand that we reserve the right to monitor participation and will take action against suspected fraudulent activity.

You may only refer each friend to PriceMaurice Limited once.

You agree only to make referrals to PriceMaurice Limited of individuals/companies that you know personally and who, in your reasonable opinion, would wish to receive an e-mail or communication offering the services of PriceMaurice Limited. You agree not to submit group e-mail addresses and e-mail mailing lists of individuals unknown to yourself.

Further information can be found in PriceMaurice Limited's privacy policy.